Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thank you!

On behalf of all of our family, I wanted to write one last post to express to everyone our sincere thanks for all of the love, support, prayers and messages that we received during the last few weeks. When I started this blog I never imagined that it would only last a few weeks. It was a great way to update everyone about dad as well as for us to get your messages and encouragement that we needed to get through some very difficult days. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we each have our own unique way of dealing with our grief and adjusting to life without having Billy as a husband, dad, grandfather and friend in our life each day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Tuesday April 15, 2014 at 2:00pm at New Beginnings Church, 4317 Fallston Road, Shelby NC 28150, with Dr. Johnny Ware officiating. Burial will follow at Cleveland Memorial Park. The family will receive friends two hours before the service from 12:00pm until 2:00pm, and after the burial the family will be at Billy’s home in Shelby for visitors. 1521 Sulphur Springs Road.

Memorials can be made to the Billy Standridge Memorial Scholarship Fund, Automotive Recyclers Association, 9113 Church Street, Manassas, VA 20110. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saying Bye

We are heartbroken this morning to let everyone know that dad's battle with cancer ended this morning at 1:30 AM.  There is no doubt my dad was a fighter and he fought to the very end. We want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the last six weeks. Your calls, messages, cards, hugs and just the smallest things have meant a lot to dad and our family.  

Our dad was a great man, well known by many. He would do anything to help anyone and had one of the biggest hearts I know. We are going to miss him dearly and his memory will live in our hearts and minds forever till we meet him again. We are rejoicing knowing that he has been healed and reunited in Heaven with Maw Maw Jo.

The family will be receiving visitors today after 6:00, for those of you who live in or around Shelby you may visit family at 1521 Sulphur Springs Rd 
in Shelby and for those of you who live in or around Lake Wylie you may visit family at 721 Anchors Bend Cove in Lake Wylie. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Difficult Days

Just checking in with every one. The last few days have been hard for dad, we are just trying to keep him comfortable. It's hard to believe that we just found this mass just 6 weeks ago.

We would like to say a big thanks to Johnny Davis for honoring our dad this weekend at Darlington, what an awesome way to support him during this battle. He is very proud! Wish you guys the best of luck and a safe race to victory lane!  This story is also featured in the Shelby Star if you would like to check it out you can click on the link below.

Becky and I would also ask that instead of visiting to please send a card or a message to us. We want his family to be able to spend time with him and dad just doesn't feel up to a lot of company. Please keep dad and our family in your prayers.

For family that would like to visit please call Becky 256-710-1518, I am also available at 704-692-0550 if you can't reach Becky. Thank you all so much, please continue to pray for dad!

Address: 721 Anchors Bend Cove, Lake Wylie or Clover SC 29710

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update Tuesday April 8th

Hi everyone, this will be a quick update, the last few days have been busy for us all. Over the last couple of days dad has been really tired, he has decided that he doesn't think he will be able to make the trip to Hickory to drive the pace car this Saturday.

Becky and I would also ask that instead of visiting to please send a card or a message to him, or to our family. We have email, Facebook, you can use this site and I will provide his home address below. We want his family to be able to spend time with him and dad just doesn't feel up to a lot of company right now. We certainly appreciate everyone's concern, everyone's prayers and all of your messages. By no means are we giving up on him, we just want to keep him as comfortable as we can.

For family that would like to visit please call Becky 256-710-1518, I am also available at 704-692-0550 if you can't reach Becky. Thank you all so much, please continue to pray for dad!

Address: 721 Anchors Bend Cove, Lake Wylie or Clover SC 29710

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday April 5th Weekend Update

Hi everyone, I am away today spending some time with my girls. I was just sitting here thinking about my dad. I am so thankful for the time I have been able to spend with him, and when I am not with him, I worry about him and miss him so much.
Dad and  Emma, napping.

I was looking through and replying to some messages, if I am not with dad when I get them, then I send them to him and Becky by text. I love to read them to him and talk about whoever it was that sent the message, he knows a lot of people that I have never met and the love and support from everyone is wonderful! I may not reply to every message but we see them all and appreciate them. 

Recently dad and I were talking about his racing days. I really wanted to get more information about those days but I will have to rely on others to help me fill-in the time line, (hint-hint Buck Johnson, Lamar Walker, Phil Fowler, Mike Calinoff, Pete Pistone, Calvin Humphries, Hop and so many others that I have not named). Dad did mention to me however, that I should contact Jayski, he had a site and might be able to help.

After reading a link that Jayski had provided me, I couldn't help but think back to the racing days. All I did then was worry about my daddy being in a bad wreck and getting hurt. I never would have thought that something like this could happen unexpectedly and so suddenly. I know that none of us are promised tomorrow, it's just so sad and breaks my heart to see my dad have the problems that he has had and the medical complications are so bizarre. But then I remember that I am not not the only one to lose a parent and wonder if I am being selfish for feeling this way, but it's so hard to accept the hand he has been dealt.

Getting back to racing, I do wish that I would have embraced the racing life a little more. My sisters (Deedra and Jody) which I have not mentioned much but are always close to my heart, spent a lot of our days at the race track. It was very different as a children/teens, especially being girls, spending our weekends at the racetrack. If it was still during the school year we usually spent the weekend with Maw-Maw Jo, Aunt Judy or our Great-Aunt Mae. I think Mae probably had it the worst, by the time she was in-charge of us we were older much meaner teenage girls. For so many years though, mom and dad used to sneak us into the race track, we would hide under blankets or whatever we could find in the back of the car at the time, rules were, you had to be over 16 to be allowed in the pit area. Once in the pit area we would have to hide out in the race truck all day. As a parent I can understand why the brought us, it was hard to be away from your family so many weekends and not to mention that three girls could wear out their welcome other places.

Some of the things I remember most about those race days is all of the adventures getting to the race tracks because something always broke down. No worries though, lots of on-board mechanics to fix them, thanks to dad, Little Bill, Rusty Lawson just depending on who was along for the ride.(I am mixing several years and race divisions of memories). Then when we got to the track there was always a problem, dad would either wreck the car during practice or something mechanical would go wrong, or an adjustment needed to be made and they would stay up all night working on the car to get it ready for race day. Dad mostly depended on volunteers for 'pit crew' and he funded a lot of his racing with the help of, very few but much appreciated, local sponsorship. The very one time that dad absolutely 'blew the field away' because of his relentless hard work and persistence, NASCAR tried to accuse him of cheating! (So many things have to come together to make the perfect race car). That was the year I turned my back on the sport forever. I felt that because dad didn't have a big corporate sponsor that they (NASCAR) didn't like it when the 'underdog' could race right along with the big guys. It seemed like racing had become all about money. Dad stuck with it for a few years after that, I went my separate way as an independent teenager and spent my free time playing in a country music band. But that was the great thing about my parents, they supported me no matter what I chose to do.

I am sure Deedra and Jody and so many others could share their experiences during the many years spent racing with dad. There are so many years and so many tracks that I can remember going to such as Daytona, Talladega, Richmond, Bristol, and Charlotte over the course of many years (can't forget about Hickory Motor Speedway) and lots of great memories and the many ups and downs being in a race family.

After dad retired from racing he continued with his full-time business in the salvage industries and has three salvage yards and other business interests that he had maintained full-time up until this tumor was discovered. We would have never thought that a simple prostate surgery could have triggered the massive problems that he now faces, the terrible affliction of cancer.

As I pray for Dad, Becky, Ethan, Matt, Alex, Deedra and Jody and our families and extended families, as well as his dad Gerald, and his brother Bobby and their respective families, dads cousins, aunts and many living relatives, I also pray for so many others that have been close to my dad and have known him over the years, this has been a difficult time for everyone. I know that he loves and appreciates each and everyone of you! He is a good man, with a great big heart, he is my daddy.

Please be sure to read the link I reference from Jayski, it's; Jasyki's Tallegda Experience.

Don't forget about this Saturday April 12th, we hope that dad can get behind the wheel on the race track at Hickory Motor Speedway, if he is able. Please keep checking the site for updates this week, we will let you know more details closer to this Saturday. 

There are so many of you that I would like to thank for all of the ways you have supported dad's family in Lake Wylie and our family in Shelby, you know who you are and we appreciate all you have done, no matter how big or small it was a big deal for us.

There were a lot of race comments posted today in various places on the site, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have and encourage you to write more.

Dad has had lots of visitors today and we expect more tomorrow (Sunday). After tomorrow we would ask that you please call or text before you come by. We have a busy week and his family needs some special time with him as well. 

Contact information: 
 Becky Standridge cell #256-710-1518
Dad's home address is: 721 Anchors Bend Cove, Clover, SC 29710

Friday, April 4, 2014

Back at Home

Hi everyone, I just wanted to do a quick update to let you know we made it back home yesterday after some interesting experiences at the Houston airport. Dad is settled back in at home and has been enjoying a steady stream of friends and family stopping by to visit. He is resting well and is pretty alert with all that's going on at the house right now.

Save the date for Saturday, April 12 at the Hickory Motor Speedway--we are planning to have Dad drive the pace car for the race that day, depending on how he's doing and what we can work out with the folks at the racetrack. Standby for more specific details this next week. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not what we were hoping for.

It absolutely breaks my heart to have to let everyone know this but we are out of options here at MD Anderson and will be coming home tomorrow. 

Despite the many problems he is having dad feels good today, he has been smiling, laughing and making jokes every once in a while. He has had Dialysis two times and it has helped to clear some of the toxins out of his body so he is more alert. There is nothing they can do to improve his kidney function, it seems that there is a blood clot causing the problem as well as the increase in size of his tumor. 

Our flight arrives in Charlotte around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. Anyone that wants to visit just call or text me or Becky, sometime on Friday or the weekend should be fine, we don't know our schedules completely since hospice will be visiting as well.

Also if you have tried to leave a message here the easiest way to do so if you don't have a gmail account is to choose anonymous, just leave your name at the end of the messages, we have been reading them to him, trying to reply when we can. 

Other information: 
Becky Standridge cell #256-710-1518
Dad's home address is: 721 Anchors Bend Cove, Clover, SC 29710

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Having a little bit of a better day.

Some prayers have been answered and we are grateful for some opportunities today. 
Billy & Becky, feeling a little better today!
To quickly summarize our situation here, they have decided to do dialysis to relieve some of the work his kidneys are having to do right now - in hopes, that the kidneys will pick back up and start working again on their own. I had been hopeful for this possibility because acute renal failure can be reversed depending on what the cause is. They don't really know what the cause of the renal failure is but his liver function has remained stable which is a very good thing. 

They will also do another round of dialysis tomorrow and then decide about Thursday. By Thursday we should know if things are going to get better, or stay the same. It is not likely they will continue to do dialysis after that unless they can find an exact cause that can be fixed. Right now it is in Gods hands and we continue to pray.

We continue to give dad your messages, he has just been really drowsy over the last couple of days.Thankfully he is feeling a little bit better after dialysis. He is such a strong man, he rarely complains, his attitude throughout all of this is just amazing.  We just want him to feel better.

This is Billy:  I just want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  This has been a hard time but the support has lifted my spirits.    Thanks again.

Day 1 at MD Anderson

Where do I start, we have had a very eventful day that has yet to end. I think Houston would be a nice place to visit for any other reason but if you ever needed a specialty hospital, this would be the place to come. It is a beautiful city and the weather has been great but that's about as much good as we have had.

The day started out really well, we made it to our appointment, figured out where we were going. Within a couple of hours we were able to see the doctor. The news was not what we had hoped but not all bad. Apparently having the prostate cancer (although gone now) has now made him ineligible for any clinical trials, this was the same reason a liver transplant was not an option. The doctor did offer the possibility of another treatment that could help relive the pressure on a large major vein. Of course more testing and a team of specialist would be needed to make the final decision. This leaves us in limbo again. More test were scheduled for tomorrow and we were hopeful for an answer by Wednesday. 

We finally made it back to our hotel and decided to order some food, going out to eat is just not an option and neither is fast food. We had our order called in to restaurant #1 and Becky and I were on our way but never made it there due to a traffic gridlock caused by a wreck that had closed the interstate. Then we found and navigated to restaurant #2 only to have to cancel that order because we needed to bring dad back to the hospital. 

After reviewing his lab work the doctor decided that he needed to be admitted for observation to find out why is lab work is off. So after a busy and frustrating day we are back to where we started, waiting on test, waiting on information, needing comfort and relief from very many symptoms that I don't mention in my post.

Please continue to pray.