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Billy Standridge  1953-2014

I think my dad lived a truly unique life as a business man and race car driver, I wanted to dedicate a page to his history. Many people that have only recently met him may not know about his past racing history. I wanted to put together a time-line with as many details as I can gather. Please feel free to send me pictures or let me know about any events that you remember.  

This is his bio from Wikipedia 
 At a young age Billy had a love for racing. He would race lawn mowers for fun and the love that he had for cars led into a long challenging career in stock car racing and NASCAR. He began Stock car racing in the late 70’s with much success, running small tracks and gaining driving experience. He began running the NASCAR Busch Series in 1986, when he finished 14th at the All Pro 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in his own Pontiac. After that, he began running a limited schedule in the Busch Series, posting five top-ten finishes in 84 starts, the last of which came in 1993. In 1994, he began running a limited schedule in Winston Cup, making his debut at North Carolina Speedway but finishing 42nd after a crash. He ran seven more races that year, his best finish being 24th at the Southern 500 as well as picking up sponsorship from the WCW and Dura Lube. He followed that up with a 14th place finish at Darlington the following year. After an unsuccessful stint with Triad Motorsports being sponsored by Hanes and Diamond Rio in 1996 and 1997, Standridge began running his own team, the #47 Ford Thunderbird, picking up sponsorship from Jayski and also from fan-sponsored donations. He even picked up sponsorship from Phillips after Geoffrey Bodine failed to qualify for a 1998 Talladega race. Standridge was one of the last drivers to run in NASCAR using a Thunderbird after other teams switched to the Taurus for the 1998 season. His last career start was the Pepsi 400 in 1998, where his engine expired 19 laps into the race.

For more information about Dads racing history please visit these sites.
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This page is a work in progress - I hope to have more info soon but please feel free to email me if you have any details you would like to add.


  1. Billy and Family,

    All of us at ARA HQ are praying for your speedy and complete recovery. We pray that the doctors will know exactly what to do to accomplish this in the quickest time possible, while knowing that sometimes these things do take time. We pray for patience for you as you go through the tests and various recommendations; just know, you are not alone. God is with us always and knows why we are going through the valley and will help us through it.

  2. Many thanks ARA - from Billy & Family!

  3. I read on Jayski today about Billy's illness. I created the logo up there on the Team FCR car. I owned the hosting company that first hosted, Xobyte. I spent a couple of nights at Billy's house back in 98.

    Billy is a great guy, it breaks my heart to hear of his sickness. We'll put him in our prayers. If I had not met Billy Standridge I would have missed out on some of the greatest sports memories of my life. I was standing on pit wall during the 98 Daytona 500 and after the 3 car won, I stepped out to give the man a hi five... then I like to think everyone else followed me out there :) Without knowing Billy, this wouldn't have happened, so thank you Billy for allowing me that opportunity.

    God bless you Billy.

    -Chuck Barnett

  4. Hi Billy,

    Just want you to know that we pray for God's will for you; may it comfort you to know that there are lots of people praying for you and your family. God Bless all of you!

    Maria Miller (ARA)

  5. To Becky, Jody, Stacey and numerous other family members and friends,

    Our hearts are heavy with and for you - but we also rejoice with you in knowing that the earthly pains for Billy are a thing of the past. Our prayers for you are for peace during these next few days/weeks/months, as you adjust to a different level of life and start remembering all the wonderful times you had the privilege of sharing. You continue to be in our prayers,

    Maria Miller (ARA)


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