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I love having these prayers consolidated on one page so I can look at them when I need them. I hope you will enjoy reading them as well. Please feel free to email me any prayers you would like to share. 

Thank you Shelly & Donna Wesson, Marie Peterson and Jennifer Tate for the Prayers recently shared. I love to read them!

Prayer Posted 3/10/2014 submitted by Jennifer Tate:
The deepest level of 
worship is praising God
in spite of the pain,
thanking God during the 
trials, trusting Him when
we're tempted to lose 
Hope and loving Him
when He seems so 
distant and far away.
At my lowest, God is my
hope. At my darkest, God
is my light. At my weakest, 
God is my strength. At my 
saddest, God is my 
comforter. ~Spiritual Inspiration 

Prayer Posted 3/7/2014 Submitted by Jan Blanton
A Prayer for Strength by Rachel Wojnarowski
Our Father,
Sometimes the cares of the day
seem to multiply,
while the blessings fade so quickly.
Our bodies grow tired
and our minds even more tired.
Jesus, help us.
Give us the strength You’ve promised
in Your Word.
Give us the power
to take the next step.
Give us your grace.
For we know in our weakness,
your strength is revealed.
May we receive it today.

Prayer by Jody Standridge: Prayer posted March 6th, 2014
Lord we come to You today for Your uplifting spirit of love, support, and comfort for our family as we endure these difficult times. Wrap Your loving arms around our entire community and family let us all see and feel the love of You, Jesus Christ. More importantly wrap Your arms around daddy and give him the strength to fight, the encouragement to live, and the ability to see the love from You! Please let him feel Your healing power we all know Lord, You will never give us a burden we can't surpass. Be with daddy as he patiently awaits a treatment plan, help keep his spirits high and his body strong.  Be with the Doctors, Nurses, and all the staff that are caring for him, we ask for the best of knowledge that they are able to use it as they care for daddy. Please forgive us all for our many sins and mistakes Lord, in Your name we pray, Amen. 

Our Prayer: Found Online, Posted March 5th
'Almighty Father, Thank you for your love, grace and mercy.  We pray that You will provide comfort to dad during this time of pain and uncertainty. Fill his heart with confidence that, though at times he may be afraid, he will put his trust in you.
We pray that you will give the doctors and nurses wisdom and guide them with his care. I believe in my heart that You are here with us today and that with Your most holy power you will  give us the strength to endure the many trials we are sure to face in the coming days and weeks.
In Jesus' name we pray, Amen' 


  1. To Billy So sad to hear about your illness. We have many fond memories of time spent with you both at the track and off . You will be in our prayers until the Lord delivers us a miracle. Mike and Joy McSwain . Fatbacks parents

  2. I don't know Billy, I'm just a huge race fan and came across his story on Jayski. This story touched my heart, so I will send you the most powerful prayer (the Holy Rosary) for Billy and his family. I'll think about you guys when I watch the race today and I pray that God will bring you all peace and comfort. God Bless!

  3. for Billy and the girls I am hoping for a Miracle and will never forget the helping hand Billy gave me some years ago


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