Sunday, March 9, 2014

Glad to be home.

Greetings everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the weekend weather as much as we have! I wanted to give everyone an update about our weekend. As you know Dad went home late Friday evening, so most of Saturday was spent getting settled. As I was helping Becky load the car Friday afternoon I told her it looked more like we were checking out of a hotel rather than the hospital since we had so much stuff! 

My family as well as Deedra's decided to visit today. For those that may not know, Dad lives in Lake Wylie so it's about an hours drive for us to get there. He seems to be feeling so much better and it was great to see him active again. Becky put us all to work outside for a while and dad would check on us, supervise, and give a few orders.

Gracie, Deedra, Melana, Jason, Izabel, Eliza, Ethan, Becky, Billy, Taylor, Stacey, Travis
Can't Forget our K-9 friends Rousey, Bessie and Charlie
We missed having Jody and the twins with us today.
Funny how Matt and Alex seem to disappear when the cameras come out.
As I reflect on this last week, the ups and the downs that Becky and I went through as well as the rest of the family, I can't recall one single moment when dad was anything but positive. He reminds me so much of his mom (Maw-Maw Jo). Aside from the pain, he was always ready for whatever testing, therapy or surgery the doctors did or discussed with him as possible options. I guess being really, really, brave is one of those qualities he still has from being a race car driver. It's still shocking that he could have all of this happening when he seemed to be in perfect health just a couple of weeks ago. Please don't take your good health for granted! If your having a bad day just stop for a minute and think about all the blessings you have in your life!

Our big days this week will be Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday he will have a port put in and a laparoscopic procedure done with a liver surgeon and Thursday we will meet with his primary oncologist. We hope that all testing results will be in by then. Meanwhile all of us have lots of work to catch up on. I promise to post as soon as I can but it may not be until the following days so I am signing out until then. 

For my ending message today I wanted to dedicate this last picture to Paw-Paw Gerald (Billy's dad). Gerald has been home recovering from some health issues of his own so he has not really been able to visit and I know he has been worried. Paw-Paw, dad is doing well, hopefully he can come visit soon so you can see for yourself, until then this picture is for you! We all hope you get well soon!

Becky, Gracie, Izabel, Billy, Taylor, Melana, Eliza
We appreciate everyone's continued prayers for dad and for our family. We also enjoy reading and appreciate your comments!


  1. Billy,
    What a beautiful family you have..welcome home! Keith and I think of you and say a prayer for you each day. I love the blog..I can't wait each day to see what is new. May you feel the love and support of all who love you as you do testing this week. To God be the glory for great things He is doing! May this comment be as good as a hug. We love you both..God bless...Darlene and Keith

  2. Darlene and Keith, Thanks so much for the love, support and prayers. Our recycling family is just an extension of our family. We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Please keep the prayers coming.
    Love Becky and Billy


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