Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today's anxiously awaited news.

As you may know we had been waiting for the PET scan results so that we could have a game plan for treatment. Believe it or not we need another test. 

When dad was first admitted it seemed that he had some fluid in his lungs that indicated pneumonia. Because he does still have what looks like pneumonia, they want to be 99% sure that it is pneumonia and nothing else. Now we need to do a biopsy on a nearby lymph-node so we will know for sure.

Either way it sounds like the first step will be chemo-therapy. If surgery is an option then they will want to shrink the tumor first. It sounds like it will be a few days before they would even start that process. We would need all final results completed before any treatments would be started. 

The doctors here are really great, we feel confident that they will leave no stone un-turned and give dad the best possible care. We know that it will be a long road and a tough battle but we are ready for the fight. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and hope for good news.

As far as the testing, it could be as late as Thursday before they do the next biopsy. He will need to meet with the pulmonologist and I doubt that will happen today and the they will have to work him in the schedule. As for results, we may know something by Friday or Saturday. 

As a side note, after the biopsy is done he will be able to work toward going home. He may be able to go home as early as Friday. They are working toward pain control to make that happen as soon as possible.


  1. So sorry to hear about your dad, Stacy.Your father will be in our prayers!

    1. Thanks! We will pass the message to Daddy! We appreciate the prayers.

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