Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hi everyone, we are so excited, finally some prayers have been answered and we got some good news today! The paper work needed from the Dr's office and the insurance company was completed today and dad has an appointment for MD Anderson THIS Monday. It just so happens that the delay in getting the Soafenib is in our favor because it may have made him ineligible for possible clinical trails. (If this does not make a lot of sense - please read the previous post.)

Also for anyone that may want to visit dad this weekend (he is at home) we wanted to let you know that anytime after 4:00 on Saturday afternoon would be best. Becky asked that you please call one of us or send a message (her number is 265-710-1518). We will have a busy weekend getting ready to leave town and will fly out sometime on Sunday, we still have yet to book our flight.  

This has no doubt been a difficult week but dad is feeling better everyday and even more so after getting the blood transfusion today. Keep those prayers coming our way!


  1. Great news! I am praying for a safe and successful Trip!!! Phil

  2. Hey Billy. We need to get our softball team out of retirement. First thing we a check from you! :)

  3. Please make the check out to Jeff Champion.


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