Monday, March 3, 2014

Thursday and Friday More Waiting...

By 8 am Thursday morning we were very anxious for some test results. Around 10:00 that morning the doctors finally made their way and the news was good and bad. It appeared that he had one really large mass in or around the liver instead of several small ones as they first suspected. Of course we were very concerned about any type of mass and wanted to know as much information about it as possible. Unfortunately they said that we would need more testing to get the information we needed. The plan was to do a liver biopsy to get more information about the mass and then another type of imaging test to test the gall bladder function.

Both of the test were completed by Friday morning at 8 but we still didn't know anything and dad's pain was unbearable by this point. Becky had returned to Shelby by this time and we were trying to decide about having him transported to a different hospital.

We did find out that his gall bladder test was normal and that they finally were able to get him a PCA pump (patient controlled anesthesia). By Friday evening dad's pain was controlled. 

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