Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Wall

By Friday evening around 6 we realized that getting him moved may not be an option until Monday. We were happy that his pain was under control and waiting on test results was all we could really do.

Saturday was a good day and we appreciated all of the visitors.

Sunday we did receive some preliminary results and found out that we were most likely dealing with some type of cancer but we still didn't know a lot of details. We decided then that we wanted to get the transfer done ASAP. After researching several places we realized that Carolina's Medical Center in Charlotte had a great cancer center and so Becky started the process early and dad was moved around 3. He is in room 4929.

By the time I arrived in Charlotte around 4:30, dad was settled and the medical doctor was already in the room getting his history and medications sorted out. The plan was to keep him comfortable until we could see an Oncologist sometime Monday. 

We were very happy being in Charlotte and remain hopeful that this is something we can treat head-on. Dad is very determined that whatever it is he will beat it!

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